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Services Delivered

At Tara Reddy, we advice our clients to get registered under an acceptable fee structure along with elucidating the terms and conditions enforced by the Office. We then tailor your profile accordingly that render fits into the requirements block which in turn places you in the category where you absolutely deserve to be. Later, after having gotten registered at our office, the client gets the access to run thru the profiles and select the ones that suits them the best with entire information at our disposal yielding right from age unto the family background along with their pictures. The profile usually contains details about the education, date and place of birth and time they're born, profession, place of work, interests, siblings info, requirements and third party references.

This in all possibilities helps the registered client to go through the in depth information while searching the profile of their need. Once the client gets interested with profile they can inform us and thereby we shall arrange a personal meeting provided either sides are satisfied with their respective profiles and then could proceed further to know each other more closely.

At Tara Reddy, we intend to focus on complexion of the individuals but the qualities that are close enough as per the person's requirements and would prefer to have them in the match he or she is in search of. For us, quantifying the number of matches isn’t the criteria and that qualitative profiles in accordance with your choice is the priority while disseminating our services. During filling in of the application, please try and keep your expectations and requirements about your partner as reasonable as possible, which in turn makes your search for profiles quite flexible and wide enough across the grid.

Those applicants who’re remotely connected and want to have access to the information, for them, we send the profiles thru Email correspondence, in where, it shall contain Bride/Groom’s profiles and their pictures for them to preview before we further proceed with any rendezvous with the parties, if agreed to, from both the corners.