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About Bureau

In a move to help the Reddy Community by and large, Smt S. Tara Reddy took an initiative in expediting the search of perfect matches who were on the verge of getting married, whilst made it easier for them to find suitable profiles within a stipulated time period, done in a cozy, yet a professionally spaced environment, besides guide them in choosing a befitting Life Partner with creating a 'Single Search Platform'.

In times when Reddys were found to have no reach to the Matrimonial Mediators, she incepted it as a challenge in architecting the needed services & rolling them out to the necessitous. Much alike a pattern followed in advisory control systems, Smt S. Tara Reddy enacted herself as an arbitrator, mediator and presented caliber of unparalleled intensities from the nuptial perspectives in an era when women were quite submissive and restrictive in terms of Marital Consulting. The Bureau succeeded then, now, and shall in future as well in terms of delivering what it actually was meant for. All in all, the Bureau has been a driving force when it comes to surpassing Marital Complexities. Ms. Reddy, though must have encountered intricate cases earlier, still, in the finale, has overcome in resolving them in a competent society, which has always in all times opted for the best medium when it comes to settling Marriages with expertise.

The Firm's Mission & Chronicle:

TRMB's Mission is to be the leading provider of Matrimonial Services towards the Reddy Community Worldwide with increased serviceability and ever continuing accountability.:

Reddys’ Marriage Bureau was first established in 1983 under the banner called ‘Sowbhagya’, headquartered in Hyderabad, the first of its kind in the Country of India, and later was renamed as Reddy Marriage Bureau by Smt. S. Tara Reddy, in 1991, the titular leader of her creation, has insofar settled over 8000 plus marriages while equally extending over 35,000 profiles to the Community of Reddys’.

Reddy Marriage Bureau, ever since its Founding, has led an inexhaustible campaign in identifying the deficiencies in Marriage Delays for the unmarried whereas has found Trust, Love, & Compatibility Deficits in large numbers inflicted with all the three or either of them in the already married Couples, which then eventually had amounted into Divorcing each other. TRMB has gradually aged in deriving and delivering Classic Solutions to that effect by dealing them on a Personal Basis and guiding those accordingly. TRMB has kept itself intact in enhancing the prospective grooming of the Society as a whole with redefining the very meaning of Marriage.

In the initial years, the Growth rate of the Marriages accomplished thru our Marriage Bureau was phenomenal and incomparable.

Subsequently, as the years passed by, we founded that Marriage Bureaus have burgeoned all over while casting themselves as Marital Consultants catering to the same Reddys' Community, which TRMB has welcomed in an optimistic sense that it would only help the Community on a larger scale. However, we wanted to keep our quality services as a priority when it comes to match fixing in comparison to other middlemen. Today we have tens of Reddy Marriage Bureaus in and around the State of Andhra Pradesh that have mitigated the burden to a great extent shouldered by us for all these years.

If you’re a Reddy and are ready to get married while in search for a Reddy Bride or a Groom, then registering your profile at our Bureau can be a wiser thought, an idea that can’t get any better. Since Marriages have been iterative ever since ages, therefore, our Business of Vending the Matrimonial Services has clawed mixed geographical coverage at its maxim with acquiring matches that are quite decent and simultaneous in discourse.

Besides our strongly knitted liaison ranging from Mediocre to High-End Clientele, we have in most instances set forth situations towards settlement of the marriages for so many years, triggering an unending saga of nuptial knots here from. Though defining moments have been many to narrate, yet in a nutshell, our Marriage Bureau is a Connoisseur of Marital Profiles that has doled out immaculate In-House-Matrimonial services. One tends to be dream borne with a string of ideas that don’t always succeed into becoming a Conducive Marriage of his or her choice, and should materialize once they hit the ground by registering at our Marital Portal, that’s when things virtually turn way too easy for them to pick what they in reality were searching for

Reddys' Stake In India:

Being one of the most powerful Communities in India, we've had Reddy Matches domestically pouring in from ALL PARTS OF Andhra Pradesh, and its adjoining States like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh unto Kerala, and as far as Delhi which most likely says it all that Reddy Dynasty was spread across the Deccan Plateau & Western Ghats to the Southern most Tip of India with signifying its Genetic Descent from the Royal Dynasty of the Rashtrakutas.

Internationally in Countries like (UNITED STATES, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UNITED KINGDOM, SOUTH AFRICA, EUROPEAN NATIONS AND MIDDLE-EAST) Reddys' have scattered into all parts of the World and from where we get Profiles of both the Brides and Grooms having High Standards of Educational and Professional Backgrounds, which of course are of unprecedented levels and that has helped us give more choice to the Marriage Seekers.

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